This Christmas give Teresa and her children hope!

Living in Novato with three children, for months Teresa could not work as she underwent treatment for an aggressive form of cancer. The oldest child, Martin, took on many of the parenting responsibilities. The younger children were reeling as they faced the realities of their mother’s terminal illness. Undergoing intensive medical treatment, Teresa was frail, without enough strength to work or even walk much on her own. The family attempted to carry on, getting support from relatives and friends, and finally relying on SVDP’s home visit volunteers to provide rental assistance, food, and transportation costs.

All this effort was not enough. Teresa realized she was never going to be able to sustain rent payments and made the tremendously difficult decision to let go of the family’s modest apartment. After a brief stay in a hotel, Teresa and her children came into SVDP’s brand new Bridge to Housing shelter, designated for extremely vulnerable homeless people.

Placement in Bridge to Housing means that Teresa now has a top-notch case management team working every day to connect her with medical, school, and family resources working to stabilize the family and turn this complicated situation around. The family has a safe, stable place to stay while Teresa’s team works on putting together and implementing a housing plan.

At SVDP, we know that we cannot change Teresa’s diagnosis; eventually, these children are going to lose their mother. We want to ensure that once that happens, these three children will not become homeless again. With your help, we can move forward to tackle the complicated, long-term aspects of this family’s crisis and create a viable plan. Please help us build the foundation that young Martin will need to raise his brother and sister, keep them in school, and care for his mother in a new home.

Fundraising Goal: $10,000

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At the end of the year, we experience a higher need for services in our community. As the temperature drops and the holidays arrive, we get more requests for assistance, including food, shelter, rain gear, medical needs, and housing deposits. Our prevention volunteers get an increase of referrals for families and individuals seeking rent, food, heat, and other assistance through the winter and into the new year.

You Can Prevent Eviction with Crisis Assistance

Many people find themselves in crisis when financial difficulties make it hard to pay for essentials like rent, utilities and food.  Often the sudden loss of a job, divorce, a rent increase, expensive car repair or a serious illness can put an isolated person, parent, child, veteran, senior or family at-risk for eviction.

At SVDP, our goal is to keep people from becoming homeless.  First, our trained volunteers visit each family in their home to assess the situation.  We then provide immediate assistance (like groceries or rental assistance) and explore other resources that might help them achieve stability in the future.  Finally, our case managers or volunteers help each family or person create a budget to get them back on track to handle their own housing costs independently.

Help ten families keep their home! Goal: $10,000

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