Sponsor Tony, a single dad

Tony and his two daughters, ages 9 and 11, are still in shock because his wife, their mother, suddenly left all three of them and wiped out all their financial resources, including income from a jointly owned rental. Tony is doing the best he can to raise his daughters on his own but is afraid they may become homeless without significant help. Despite working as a custodian and managing his small recycling business in the North Bay, without the second stream of income they are used to, he cannot afford the rent on their tiny apartment. He is also at risk of losing his business. In a few months his divorce will be resolved, which will allow him access to the income he needs to support his children. During this time of crisis, will you contribute toward 3-months ($1,600/month) of temporary rental assistance for Tony and his daughters?

Fundraising Goal: $4,800

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Sponsor Helen, a struggling senior

Many years ago, Helen bought her simple trailer home because she hoped it would secure her future. But she may become homeless now in her mid-seventies because the rent for the space in her trailer park is almost equal to her Social Security retirement income of $795 per month. Our staff is working to get her into subsidized senior housing, but that means waiting for her to get to the top of the waiting list. St. Vincent volunteers bring her groceries every week, but she still needs additional financial support for her medical and other monthly expenses. Can you contribute toward 12 months of additional support ($300/month) she needs until she can get into subsidized senior housing?

Thank you for helping Helen!

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Sponsor Patti, an unemployed young adult

Patti grew up in a chaotic family environment. No one made sure she was getting proper dental care. Her mom was in and out of jail as a result of her problems with drug addiction. For many years Patti has learned to literally keep her mouth shut to disguise her gum disease, decayed teeth, and her one missing tooth. When she started coming to our Free Dining Room, we were concerned because she could only eat soft food. We want to make sure Patti gets the dental care she needs without losing her teeth at such a young age. As we got to know her, we learned that Patti managed to graduate from high school and she also hopes to someday attend community college. Occasionally, Patti finds temporary odd jobs, but she really needs to find steady employment. She is uncomfortable interviewing, fearful of how others will react to her appearance. Will you contribute toward her dental care to help her get her smile and confidence back? We believe this will be her ticket to finding a steady job and pursuing her education!

Thank you for helping Patti!

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