We believe in the dignity of all people.

Understanding Poverty in Marin

In Marin County, there are approximately 23,000 (9%) individuals living below the federal poverty level, or 57,000 (22%) people living below the economic “self-sufficiency” standard described by the County of Marin, which factors in the high cost of living here. Many of these individuals and families are extremely vulnerable to experiencing a financial crisis and becoming homeless as a result of:

  • Rent increases
  • Serious health problems, injuries
  • Mental illness, addiction
  • Domestic violence
  • Loss of job or family

The County reports that on any one day there are typically more than 5,000  people who are at-risk of becoming homeless or are already homeless in Marin.

We Serve People in Crisis

Our hot meals and crisis assistance services are open to all who come to us for help, including seniors, single-parent families, as well as veterans, working-poor, unemployed and homeless people. Most of our clients work in low-wage jobs in Marin. Many have run out of resources and are close to giving up hope, and succumbing to a life on the streets. Together, with our supporters and community partners, we always find a way to extend a helping hand. Failure is not an option – we never give up on helping people in need.

NON-DISCRIMINATION – St. Vincent de Paul Society of Marin County is committed to ensuring that all individuals have equal access to our assistance, programs, facilities, and employment opportunities. We do not discriminate against any person with regard to race, religion, color, creed, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, age, national origin, political affiliation, immigration status, mental or physical disability, income level, or medical condition.

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