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What is needed right now to help Marin County residents in crisis?

Join St. Vincent de Paul Society on the frontlines and follow Dawn’s journey from homelessness to hope. Together we are changing lives.

Together, we are ending hunger, poverty, homelessness, and isolation for 10,000 children, adults and seniors in Marin. Each year your gifts support…

Families receiving aid to prevent homelessness
Volunteer advocacy and service hours
Rental deposits securing safe housing for people experiencing homelessness
People experiencing homelessness supported to “return home” to housing in other areas

Need Help?


If you are hungry or need companionship and a hot meal, please visit us at 820 B Street in Downtown San Rafael. We are open to welcome you from 7 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. every day of the year.


Our Housing Help Desk welcomes over 800 clients each year and offers limited financial aid and a sympathetic ear to people without a place to live. Last year we helped transition more than 147 people into housing.

Crisis Assistance

Each week in Marin County, volunteers from the Society visit people struggling to make ends meet in their homes to help them get through life’s struggles. The primary goal of these visits is to prevent homelessness.

Get Help. Give Help. Join Us.

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