Our Executive Board works closely with our Executive Director to establish and implement strategic priorities for the organization’s work. The Board works hard to oversee the organization’s finances and inspires more community members to get involved in our fundraising activities. The Board also advocates with local policy makers, serving as the “voice of the poor”. We appreciate the expertise, energy and commitment of our Board members!

If you are interested in joining our Executive Board, please contact our Executive Director Christine Paquette.

Board Member Job Description

Thankfully, our supporters never give up on the people in our community who need our help the most. Together, we are finding solutions for people who are hurting every single day.”
– Rich Gallagher, Board President


  • Rich Gallagher
    Rich Gallagher President, Founder of Marin Skin Diving
  • Herb Foedisch
    Herb Foedisch Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor - Northwestern Mutual
  • Mike Pautler
    Mike Pautler Treasurer, Retired Financial Executive
  • Mike Bromham
    Mike Bromham Secretary, Retired Business Executive


  • Amy Diller Laudenslager
    Amy Diller Laudenslager Real Estate Agent
  • Roger Cassidy
    Roger Cassidy Managing Director, Anthem
  • Randy Chapman
    Randy Chapman President, Meridian Management Group
  • Susan Daniloff
    Susan Daniloff Philanthropist, Homeless Advocate
  • Duane Geck
    Duane Geck Attorney, Severson & Werson
  • Willy Lukach
    Willy Lukach Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch
  • Kathleen Robertson
    Kathleen Robertson Retired Real Estate Executive
  • Suzanne Swift
    Suzanne Swift Retired, President & Owner Buffet Concepts

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